We are quickly approaching birthday season at our house. I thought I’d share birthday cakes from years past. Some are cute, some not too exciting. You know, as long as the birthday girl is happy it doesn’t really matter. As long as there is sugar and candles on their birthdays, they are happy!

I did take a class many, many years ago. My sweet friend, Melissa Carter from oneeggshortofadozen.blogspot.com, taught several of us girls from the Life Builders Sunday School class basic decorating skills. My cakes are in no way a reflection of HER teaching or decorating abilities.

Chip's Civil War Cake

Winnie the Pooh Cake

Cake with LOTS of sprinkles plus balloons

Do-it-yourself sprinkle cake

Look, another cake with sprinkles! Bow made out of white chocolate and corn syrup if I remember correctly.

Jupiter Cake. I used my sister's golf ball cake pan for the shape. Two or three tubs of different flavored frosting and a fruit roll up for the Jupiter effect.

Puppy dog cake

What you can't see in this picture is that the cake was purple and white checker board.

Had to buy this one at Kroger. We had moved the day before her birthday.

Fortune Cookie Cake

Ladybug Cake

Artist Party Cupcakes-everyone decorated their own.

Four Cake

Cake with tall candles

Uniqua Cake-antenna are made from leftover candy canes covered with frosting.

For some strange reason we can’t find pictures of Megan’s 10th birthday. If I find them, I’ll remove this message and replace it with a picture. : )

Lion Cake-safari party

Red Velvet Mice Cupcakes-Megan was really in to the Warrior cat books at the time.

Bowling Cake

Notebook Paper Cake

Book Cake with a puppy paw print

Cupcakes in the shape of the number thirteen

Happy Birthday Cake

Well, it’s no Charm City Cakes, but they were all made with love. Well, except that one I got at Kroger. I DID put her name and a 2 on there myself.