Last November we visited my in-laws in Virginia during the Thanksgiving holidays.  While we were there, Brenda, my mother-in-law, shared her not-so-secret secret stash of junk food.

OH MY WORD! These are sooooo yummy.

She had a HUGE bag. They had come from Costco. Well, living in Sam Walton country, we don’t have Costco. I told her she could get me a bag for Christmas. And she DID!!!! That bag is long gone.

I was desperate! I had to have more! I think I now know how a crack addict must feel.

After checking the bag for a website, I immediately jotted off an email asking where I could purchase these in Arkansas. They replied-Walmart. Well, I had looked at Walmart and didn’t see them.

They are found on the specialty candy aisle. You know, the place where they have the boxes of all purple M&Ms or all red or all green. The bag is on the top shelf. You can also get them in a plastic tub that is a little larger. The 8 ounce bag was $3.15. A bit of a splurge but well worth it to me!

I look at it as a healthy snack-ha! Well, dark chocolate AND pomegranates are considered healthy-right?

My current bag is getting low. I’ll be calling my dealer going to Walmart soon for a fresh supply.