First of all let me just say that I am an orange juice snob.

I love orange juice! I love the burn as I “shoot” a glass first thing in the morning. So stimulating!

As a kid my family always had the concentrated orange juice. Back then they made those really big cans. Remember? Or did they just seem big because I was little. I think they were big. I remember recycling one to use to rinse our hair in the shower.

Anyway…we drank the concentrated oj and were happy.

As an adult I have gone through some orange juice trials and testing. I stayed with the concentrated for a while. Minute Maid had a nice version. Of course, I used the concentrated version, then made the switch to the carton. The carton was a wonderful experience. No more mixing and measuring. It was already cold and delicious. Since I was working full-time in those days, I felt I could afford a splurge.

Later, Tropicana came to my refrigerator. Tropicana Pure Premium. So, so yummy. I don’t really remember why we switched. Probably had something to do with price. At this time we had a small child who, like her mother, loved O-J! She used to say it in a really cute way. That cuteness can not really be conveyed in this medium. We would put oj in her sippy cup. It was one of those with the plug underneath to regulate the flow of the juice. The pulp would clog up the spout. We switched cups. The pulp was still a problem. Then Tropicana came out with the Calcium-No Pulp version. Hooray! No more sippy cup problems.

Now Chip likes the pulp, me-not so much. Matter of fact, I would go as far as to say he loves it and I hate it. As long as we had a sippy cup to contend with I was ok.

I think he is used to the no-pulp version by now. I guess after he reads this post I’ll have to go buy some with EXTRA PULP-ugh!

Not too many years ago we tried out the Simply Orange orange juice.

He may as well be holding the holy grail! It is sooooo yummy! It is a little on the pricey side. A “good” sale for Simply Orange is about $2.99 at Walmart. Recently, I was shopping at Kroger and my beloved Simply Orange was $3.73! I couldn’t do it. I could not pay that for 59 ounces of pleasure. Seems like there used to be 64 ounces-hmmmmm.

I happened to glance in the cooler in the middle of the aisle. There I saw, for a mere $2.64, Trop 50. I thought I’d save a buck and try it.

As you can see from the photos, Chip was helping me.

He poured us a glass to try. Oh, I can not tell you the disappointment that filled my soul. Just seeing it in the glass, I knew I had not made a wise purchase. It looked like Sunny D, which I do not care for at all. I took a deep breath and sampled the drink.

I wish you could see my face. Even now, as I recount the experience I am grimacing. It was like a really BAD swig of Sunny D. Oh, the misery! And we had no other orange juice in the house! We did have grape juice. At least breakfast wasn’t completely ruined!

Perhaps my mistake was not reading the label thoroughly.

Trop 50 is 50% less sugar. Being a sugar addict, this is a revolting thought! (and taste)

Lately we have been making, what the kids call Caribbean punch-1/2 Sprite and 1/2 orange juice over crushed ice. We thought, “Maybe the Trop 50 would be good mixed with Sprite.”

Bleck!!! It was just so yucky!

Chip took a glass of Trop 50 for the girls to try. He asked them if they wanted that or grape juice. After taste-testing the Trop 50 they both said, “I’ll take grape juice, please.” Now, maybe they just wanted grape juice rather than orange juice.

Someone “accidentally spilled” the WHOLE bottle of Trop 50 down the drain.

Dear Simply Orange, I am sorry I was unfaithful. I hope we can restore our relationship as soon a possible.

Simply Orange is the yummiest orange juice out there. Of course, we get the Calcium-No Pulp kind, wink.

This is simply how our little family felt about this product. No one paid us to make these comments. However, if Simply Orange wants to send my coupons, I’d be happy to take them-haha! But really, I would.