It kinda’ happened by accident.

I got an my email newsletter from the library the other day. There was a little blurb about the Arkansas Literary Festival that was going on this weekend. (There are still some events yet to occur. You can check it out here.) So I thought, hmmm, I’ll check it out and see if there is anything that sounds cool. Naturally, there were skads of things that sounded great. As I scrolled down to the Saturday schedule I noticed that The Pioneer Woman was going to be one of the presenters! I checked the calendar and checked with hubby and all was a go.

Off we went! The presentation was scheduled for 1:00, so I figured we needed to be there by 12:00. We grabbed a bite at Wendy’s, which took f-o-r-e-v-e-r, then got there at 12:15. Once we were at the library I asked how to get to the presentation room. I noticed there were lots of women coming in behind me carrying the same book I had. I thought, “Oh, boy, the line is going to be forever long.” We were in the first 25 or so. It’s always fun doing something like this. You get to meet people with similar interests. The folks behind me were very nice. We discovered we had a mutual friend. Naturally, since our mutual friend, Jamie, sings with me in Top of the Rock, I had to invite her. I hope she, and her mom, will come.

We waited until a little after 12:30. Then they let us into the room.

Here I am waiting with the crowd.

Yes, those are MY hooligans next to me.

I ran into a friend of mine from waaaay back. Sorry no pictures. I was too busy talking. Miss Donna and her husband Randy were my children’s choir directors when I was a kiddo. They are the sweetest people! Her oldest daughter, Ashley, was there too with her family.

Finally, our moderator came to introduce Ree Drummond, a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman.

Here is PW speaking to the crowd. She seemed a little nervous. Nice to know she is real. There were some technical difficulties. So, while the library staff was working to get the power point going, she took a few audience questions.

Tech guys got the power point going.

The presentation only went until 2:00. Once it was over we were shuttled off to a different part of the library for book signing.

While I stood in the line the kids were happy to explore the 3rd floor youth department. Yea! My kids love books!

When it was my turn to chat with PW I felt like an idiot. Like I should say something cute and fun for her to remember me by. Why should I make myself feel this way?! She is just a person like me!

I couldn’t really tell you what I said to her. I think I invited her to come to my house and make cinnamon rolls the next time she was in town. DORK!

Well, it was something fun and different to do on a Saturday. Out of my rut!

She did seem very nice. I think we would have a high ol’ time if she came to make cinnamon rolls at my house with me!