Well, I guess I have reached a new level of nerdiness. I actually have “Pi Day” written on my calendar for today, March 14th. I am not a math whiz or anything. I just thought it would be fun. My daughter is in algebra and loves it. Anything to encourage a love of math is good!

In honor of Pi Day I thought it would be fitting to make a yummy pie.

I pulled this one out of a Family Circle magazine dated 9/14/99. It’s a sad addiction, I know. I saved it because I really wanted to try the chocolate pie crust.

Since I was making this on a weeknight while I was making meat loaf, green beans, and homemade mac and cheese, there aren’t too many pictures, sorry.

(Click on the recipe to see the ingredients.)

You can see the directions, too, but I didn’t exactly follow them.

•Pulse flour, cocoa, and salt in a food processor to combine.

•Add shortening and butter until mixture forms fine crumbs. Confession time…I apparently did not read the ingredients list too well. I skipped right over the part that says the shortening should be chilled. So, I threw it in the freezer for a minute or two. It did fine.

•While processor is running, slowly pour in ice water.

I followed the rest of the recipe as it was in the magazine. Click picture of recipe above.
















The crust wasn’t too sweet. For this pie it was just right! Kinda’ tasted like a chocolate Pop Tart.

It was quite yummy! Hope you had a great Pi Day!

Critics’ Corner

Chip: As my grandmother says, this was “larrupin.” I’m pretty sure she means that in a good way.

Megan: I love the pie, but I can’t let Mom take all the credit. I helped too!

Katie: I….love…..the fudgie pie!