Last night was “Guess the Number Night” at Awana. We started having this event several years ago. In the past it has been a month-long event. When the kids arrived at the check-in table, there would be a jar of candy. Each child would guess how many pieces were in the jar. Whoever got the closest, won the jar! The first three weeks were jars of jelly beans or Skittles or something of that nature. The last week would always be the biggie! A giant chocolate chip cookie! How many chocolate chips were in that cookie?! Oh, the excitement of taking home a giant cookie! (Baked by yours truly.)

Well, things have evolved over time. We don’t have the month-long event. I think this was because no one wanted to count all of that candy. There was a prize for each check-in station-5!

The first year we had the giant cookies, I was excited to count all of those chocolate chips. Well, the thrill is gone!

We have since added another cookie. All of the grownups that help in Awana now have a chance at their OWN cookie.

Six cookies! With 2 cups of chocolate chips in each cookie, that is more chocolate than I cared to count.

So, for the past couple of years I have added a small amount of M&Ms to each batch. Much easier to count! And colorful, too!

This is what it takes to make 6 giant cookies. I just use a basic cookie recipe. I do use parchment paper on a baking stone.

I did a little prep work the day before the baking. It sure made things easier.

Good thing I scored on the Ziploc bags the other day, huh?







Pizza boxes turned inside out are the perfect size. I just used a box cutter to cut a window in the top. There were lines already on the box for me to follow-hooray! Clear cellophane is used to protect the cookies from little fingers. I usually put my clip art on the outside. I guess maybe I didn’t turn the boxes inside out in years past. I put my clip art inside this year in order to cover up the big red “Pizza Pro” inside the boxes.

Off to Awana!

The kids were so excited to guess how many M&Ms were in those cookies. I think Miss Christy was most excited. She won the cookie for the grownups!