It wasn’t a new year’s resolution or anything like that. I was in one of those “rut-bustin'” moods. (See Why) I decided to go through the house and pick it apart. I made “The List”.  I went room by room and wrote down all the things, big or small, that needed to be done. The list was four pages-front and back!

I was really feeling great about what I was doing. I felt like I was getting something done. Ok, it was just on paper, but at least that was a start. I decided to start in the bathroom. Most of the stuff in there that needed to be cleaned out belonged to the kids anyway. This was going to be great!

The girls did a great job of cleaning out their bath toys and lotions. I did clean out a drawer or two. Hubby replaced the latches on the cabinets. Hooray, now the cats don’t climb in them any more!

To be quite honest, I actually started on this room a year ago. Hands of shame!!! as my daughter would say. Some of you may have seen these pictures already. Sorry, just humor me.

My bathroom is burgundy and gray. There just is not a lot of fabric out there that goes with burgundy and gray.















These are the pink, gray, and burgundy floral curtains my sister made when she lived here almost 20 years ago. (My sister lived in this house before I did. It was my grandmother’s house.)

She did a great job sewing them. The Roman shade style was nice. I stole the pink lampshades from my daughter’s room, put out my pink towels from college, and made it work. I considered several options for something new.

White sheers? No-the cats would have them in shreds!

Men’s gray suiting fabric? No- just seemed a little too heavy.

I had some navy and cream pillow ticking from another project. I thought I could add a third color to the mix. It just did not sing to me.

One day I was at Savers. They had these burgundy and yellow toile curtains. My mother-in-law loves toile and her kitchen is those colors. I got on the phone to see if she wanted me to pick them up for her. She decided no, but I bought them anyway. I thought she might change her mind later. I took them home and thought, “Hey, my bedroom is this gold color, maybe these would work for me!” Well, the curtains clashed with the wall color and were too short. As I strolled down the hall to put the “unloved” curtains away, I stopped in the bathroom to put something away. Once the curtains were in the room a lightbulb came on in my head! “How would these curtains do in here?!” I think this might work! It was then that the doorbell rang! It was my neighbor friend. I don’t really remember why she came over, but I dragged her back to see my curtain idea. She liked it. That was all I needed. One little bit of confirmation. Thanks, Kim!

The curtains have been up for a year now. They still make me smile.















I like how they are hung high. It helps get rid of some of the gray. I don’t know if you noticed the gold pediment on the counter in the “before” pictures or not. I found it on the side of the road one day. Can you believe it is the same color?! I had it long before the curtains. It was originally going to go in the kitchen.  It is going to be hung over our mirror eventually.

Well, the month has come and gone and the list for the bathroom is still there. hands of shame! I guess I should get after it again.

P.S. Mother-in-law saw the curtains and wished she had not turned them down. I did make her a cute little tray out of some of the leftovers. I can’t seem to find the picture right now. If I find it, I’ll add it here.