Well, I have finally started. Last year my husband told me I should have a blog. He is a blogger. See his blog here. I think he just wanted me to join in the “fun.” He is a very intelligent man. He is also a writer and photographer. Please see the Who I’m Not section.

So, he took some pictures, made a banner, and set me up a blog. Again, see Who I’m Not. He is having to hold my hand every step of the way getting this thing started-more than a year later! I loved the movie Julie and Julia. Notice Julie, the blogger, is a writer! This whole thing is a bit intimidating to me.

The movie did inspire me to search through my recipes. I am a cookbook junkie. I love the ones that have pictures of what the dish is supposed to actually look like. I do not have Julia Child’s cookbook, nor do I have any desire to make an aspic. I do have a ton of cookbooks and an overflowing recipe box. I am also really bad about ripping recipes, craft or decorating ideas out of magazines. I quit for a while. I started buying Southern Living Annual Recipe Collections. The problem with that was then I couldn’t find the recipe I wanted.

Nowadays you can find just about anything on the internet. As a matter of fact, I frequently do recipe searches for whatever I have on hand. I usually end up with a Southern Living recipe that I probably already had. I try to write in my cookbooks when I tried something to record whether or not we liked it. The problem with that is remembering which book has which recipe!

Some I do remember. The chicken and dumplings recipe is in the Prairie Harvest cookbook. Cajun Chicken is in the recipe box. Then, I do a lot of just general cooking that doesn’t require a recipe — throw a pork chop in the skillet with some salt and lots of pepper, wrap some sweet potatoes in foil and toss them in the oven, open up a bagged Caesar salad and, Viola! Dinner is served!

This blog is more for me than it is for you. I do, however, hope people read and enjoy it. Having my own recipes out there on the the internet to search through will be great! No more fumbling through scraps of worn out magazines. The plan is to test out new recipes here — and to actually go to those dogeared pages in the cookbooks. I can make no promises concerning how often I will post. I can’t promise that this blog will only be about recipes and cooking. I do have other interests that I might want to share with you, I tend to get a little distracted from time…

Squirrel!!! (Watch the movie Up! to get the reference.)

Well, that is the plan. And it only took a year to get it going.